FOTsis, the most innovating project in road transportation technologies

February 15, 2016

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The FOTsis Project, led by OHL Concesiones and one of the largest European initiatives for the development of new road transportation technologies in the vehicle-infrastructure cooperative services field, has been awarded the “Most Innovating Project” prize by the Smart Transportation Alliance (STA), a non-profit global platform to promote innovation in transportation infrastructures. 

FOTsis (Field Operational Test on Safe Intelligent and Sustainable Road Operation) has represented a great step forward in Europe in its field, marking the start of a new form of communication between driver, vehicle and infrastructure, applicable to all users in the near future, enabling a better management of mobility and, particularly, increasing road safety. 

In 2011 the project began to develop its cooperative services and various alternative business models. It ended in April 2015 with an international event held at the Torre Espacio offices and at Madrid’s testing centers, where the most relevant developments and conclusions were presented. 

In its final stage, the outcome of the cooperative services was examined, as well as their testing, impact in mobility, safety and sustainability matters as well as the proposal of business models, all directed at potentially implementing them in European roads. 

This evaluation has proven that FOTsis cooperative services can help improve road safety, reducing accident rates and serious injuries. Furthermore, the implementation of these services will optimize mobility management, consequently improving road capacity and a smooth traffic flow. 

In addition to contributing valuable knowledge about the development, implementation and potential impact of cooperative services, FOTsis has given OHL Concesiones the chance to test these services on Spain’s motorways and has consolidated the company’s international leadership in the promotion and development of intelligent transportation systems. 

During the project’s development, the concessionaire companies of OHL Concesiones took part in actual testing of FOTsis cooperative services conducted in Spain: management of emergency situations and incidents, intelligent congested traffic control, dynamic route planning, monitoring of special vehicles, advanced systems to control and analyze transportation infrastructure safety.

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Operating tests at a Control Center in Spain.

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