The tool is capable of reducing water consumption by 80%

Ingesan introduces cleaning robots for use in hospitals

February 13, 2023

Ingesan, the leading subsidiary of OHLA’s Services division, has presented the new units of autonomous cleaning robots that will be used in the Martí i Julià Hospital Park (Girona), as part of the four-year contract that the company is providing to l’Institut d’Assistencia Sanitaria, for the cleaning and disinfection of the infrastructure, with more than 55,000 m2 of healthcare facilities. This innovation allows the cleaning of a surface of 100 m2 with only one liter of water.

Cleaning robot used by Ingesan in the Martí i Julià Hospital Park, Girona.

The robots will be used at the Santa Caterina Hospital and its socio-health center, and are equipped with autonomous recharging stations. The incorporation of this technology represents a step forward in different key aspects of hospital cleaning, such as high efficiency (1,000 m2/hour), the capacity to offer permanent information on the work performed, contributing decisively to the analysis and design of improvement processes, and the reduction of environmental impact thanks to the water recycling system, which reduces consumption by 80% compared to traditional systems. It also contributes to improving the ergonomic working conditions of our teams of professionals.

Commitment to technology and innovation

Following the launch of VERA, its virtual social center, Ingesan has developed VerSat and COORDINAL, two proprietary digital solutions designed and implemented by the company. The first of these is a pioneering R&D project that uses very high-resolution satellite images to optimize the management of urban green areas using geospatial technology and artificial intelligence. COORDINAL, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, is based on GIS technology for the integrated management of green areas and landscaped spaces in urban and peri-urban environments.

All this is developed under the framework of Ingesan’s Digital Transformation Strategic Plan, recognized by Forética, a business organization that is a benchmark in sustainability in Spain, within the Jobs 2030-Future of Work project, for its contribution to a just transition towards the future of work centered on people.