Metro Ligero Oeste, best light rail initiative worldwide according to the UITP

July 27, 2010

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Metro Ligero Oeste has been named as the “Best Light Railway Initiative Worldwide” by the UITP(International Public Transport Union). MLO competed for this award against 15 other projects in America, Asia and Europe.

This award reflects, again, the international recognition the transport system of the Community of Madrid. Light rail is a modern mode of transportation, integrated in the environment and in everyday life in the most advanced cities and regions. It provides more sustainable mobility, increased urban and suburban appeal and adapts to the changing mobility patterns, creating a transportation solution in line with current lifestyles.

The award is also recognition of the entire team of professionals behind this project (the planning of the Transport Consortium, the MINTRA works directorate and the operation of the concession company Metro Ligero Oeste, S.A.), who, three years ago, turned this ambitious project into a reality in record time, including the final supervision of the works, facilities, rolling stock and operations.

The award will be presented during the closing ceremony of the 10th World Conference on Light Rail and Modern Tramways, which will take place from 18 to 20 October of this year in Madrid.

The conference, with the slogan “Light Rail: good for people, good for cities”, is organised by the Community of Madrid Transport Consortium (CRTM) and the UITP. Currently, over 150 experts from around the world have already registered.

In additional, participants and visitors will be able to visit the complete exhibit organised by the Transport Consortium at the Railway Museum, where visitors can relive the history of tramways in Madrid over the last 150 years up to modern light rail.

For over 20 years, the Madrid Transport Consortium has helped to integrally plan, organise and manage the various modes of public transportation in Madrid (Metro, EMT, city and intercity buses and light rail), providing structuring and cohesion to a heterogeneous society that is in constant motion.

Since July 2007, Metro Ligero Oeste has connected the municipalities of Boadilla del Monte, Alcorcón and Pozuelo de Alarcón with the Metro, Commuter Rail and Coach Network of the Region of Madrid.

The Metro Ligero Oeste network consists of two lines: ML2, which links the Metro Line 10 to the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón, has 13 stops from Colonia Jardín to the Aravaca Station and a length of 8.7 km. and the ML3, which runs between Colonia Jardín and Boadilla del Monte, has 16 stations and a total length of 13.7 km.

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