OHL, a reference partner in the RDI Sensor for Smart Infrastructures project

November 12, 2015

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OHL has participated as a reference partner in the development and implementation of a Software Sensor for Smart Infrastructure (S4i), promoted by the Regional Government of Extremadura in collaboration with the European Regional Development Fund. This project is part of the Coinvestiga Program, used to finance RD projects executed by business groupings in strategic areas established in Extremadura’s V RDI Regional Plan (2014-2017).

Specifically, OHL has participated in the design and development of a system used for smart infrastructure monitoring in this region of Spain, based on wireless sensor and artificial neuronal networks. In particular, the project has developed sensor software to analyze and optimize construction, management, operation and maintenance activities, during an infrastructure’s entire lifecycle, contributing information on which various strategies may be based in order to extend its useful life and guarantee its safety whilst in service.

The aim of Sensor for Smart Infrastructures is to be able to promote a new management-based methodology using a preventive approach, optimizing the effectiveness of operation and maintenance and, ultimately, improving the management of transport infrastructures.

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