OHL awarded new contracts in Moldova, Slovenia and Bosnia for €88 million

July 28, 2014

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The OHL Group was awarded, through the Czech subsidiary OHL ŽS, several construction contracts for a total amount of €87.8 million in Central and Eastern Europe. The new contracts include two road projects in Moldova marking the Group’s entry into the construction market in this country.

Projects in Moldova for €37.8 million

The contracts in Moldova, with a total price tag of €37.8 million, were awarded by the State Highway Administration under the Road Sector Support Program of Moldova and are financed by the European Investment Bank.

The largest contract, €27.1 million, involves the rehabilitation of a 44.2 km section  of the R1 national road between Straseni and Bahmut. This highway connects the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, with Romanian border in the city of Sculeni.

The second contract, for €10.7 million, also for the R1, involves the construction of the Ungheni ring road, including a junction on the west side for connection with the current layout of the R1. The length of this section is 8.3 km, to which we must add 0.6 km of access roads to the new junction.

Railway section in Slovenia for €23.5 million

With a 70% interest, OHL ŽS leads the contract awarded by the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia for the reconstruction of the railway section Dolga Gora-Poljčane, with a budget of €23.5 million. This section is a stretch of 7.5 km of double track and the reconstruction refers to both the superstructure and the rail infrastructure.

Prison in Bosnia by €26.5 million

The Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded OHL ŽS (70%) and OHL (30%) the contract for the construction of a prison in Naklo-Sarajevo. The budget total €26.5 million and is financed by the Council of Europe Development Bank. The project consists of a high-security state facility with capacity for 348 inmates.

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