OHL awarded two contracts in Colombia for close to 80 million euro

March 6, 2019

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OHL has been awarded two new contracts in Colombia for a total amount close to 80 million euros.

The company will build in Joint Venture the construction of Avenida El Rincón in the Colombian capital from Avenida Boyacá to Carrera 91. The works include the execution of 2.8 km of road, 54,000 m2 of public space and 2.1 km of bike lane, in addition to the construction of a bridge on Calle 127 over Avenida Boyacá.

The work, granted by the Urban Development Institute –entity in charge of developing the road infrastructure and the public space in Bogotá-, aims to improve traffic congestion. It has a budget of close to 42 million euros (150 billion pesos) and it will benefit more than 1 million inhabitants by reducing the duration of the journey by up to one hour and fifteen minutes.

On the other hand, OHL will build for Ecopetrol the Cúcuta Aqueduct with a budget of close to 35 million euros (121.4 billion pesos). The company will improve access to drinking water for about one million inhabitants of Cúcuta, Los Patios and Villa del Rosario, in the district of Norte de Santander, in the northeast of the country. OHL will carry out the infrastructure of Subproject 1 that will capture water from the Zulia River through a 17.6 km long conveyance line.

These two new awards consolidate the presence of OHL in Colombia, a market in which it has been active since 2010. The company has major projects in this country, including the construction of the Magdalena 2 highway, 144 km long; the construction of a cement plant with a production capacity of 1.4 million ton cement per year; the improvement of Vía Málaga-Los Curos for the Instituto Nacional de Vías and several projects in the mining and industrial sectors.

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