OHL Chile is rewarded for one million accident-free working hours

May 27, 2012

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Instituto de Seguridad del Trabajo (IST) [Occupational Safety Institute] in Chile has granted OHL Chile a relevant distinction for reaching a record of 1,000,000 workmanship hours free of occupational accidents.

The recognition award ceremony convened the general manager of OHL Chile, Enrique Balaguer, and Tomás Rodríguez, Head of Quality, the Environment and Risk Prevention; in turn, IST was represented by its general manager, Gustavo González, the Metropolitan Manager, Brenda Riveros, and Erik Quappe, Prevention Manager for Large Companies.

Instituto de Seguridad del Trabajo de Chile (IST), a national entity of reference in the sector, has already rewarded OHL’s subsidiary in Chile for its outstanding performance in implementing the Occupational Health and Security Management System, allowing it to achieve more than one accident-free year.

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