OHL is awarded a project to extend the Port of Bilbao, as a Joint Venture

July 12, 2016

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The Port Authority of Bilbao has awarded works to extend the Port of Bilbao and to stabilize the former Punta Lucero quarry to the Joint Venture consisting of OHL’s subsidiaries, SATO (50%) and Construcciones Adolfo Sobrino (30%); and Exbasa Obras y Servicios (15%) and Excavaciones Viuda de Sáinz (5%). The project, led by OHL, has been assigned a budget of 80 million euros. The cost of the works will be 80% paid by the Port Authority of Bilbao, whereas the European Commission will contribute the other 20%, as part of the Connecting Europe Facility program.

Execution of the works will involve constructing the first phase of the new wharf of the Port of Bilbao -known as the central breakwater- and stabilizing the western sector of the Punta Lucero quarry.

This strategic central breakwater will involve constructing the first phase of the new port wharf where 26 boxes will be built, 24 meters in the forestay, 46 meters long and a beam of 17 meters; 8.5 cubic meters of filling material will be used, from the quarry, and a sandbank from the bottom of the sea near the wharf. At this phase of the works, 334,000 square meters more will be gained in the sea, and a mooring line 1,081 meters long, 21 meters deep, allowing the access of large-size ships and enabling the port to attract new companies.

As regards the stabilization works of the former Punta Lucero quarry, the project is a result of the risk of instability and the need to safeguard the safety of persons and goods located at the foot of the quarry; over the last years, various landslides and detachments of rock units have occurred occasionally. In order to mitigate any environmental impact, the material obtained in the stabilization tasks will be removed with two vertical wells, fitted with tunnels, in order to avoid vehicle traffic along the roads existing on the slope.

The Port Authority of Bilbao, once the new wharf is completed, expects to increase traffic in the long term by 4.4 million tons/year, and the number of containers by 565,000.

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Picture of the projected new wharf in the Port of Bilbao, known as the central breakwater.

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