OHL is awarded, in JV, the expansion of the adjacent pier in the port of Barcelona for 40 million euros

July 10, 2018

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The Port Authority of Barcelona has awarded the work of the third phase of the adjacent pier expansion of the city to a JV formed by the OHL affiliate, SATO (37.5%), FCC (37.5%) and COPISA (25%).

The project, with a budget of 40 million euros, consists of the extension towards the south of the adjacent pier 2B, currently under construction.

This way, a 476-meter-long line of pier with a water Depth of 12 meters will be built, which will include an infrastructure for the operations of loading and unloading 60-meter-long ferries.  Specifically, two ships will be able to coincide simultaneously.

In addition, it includes the expansion of the posterior esplanade of Adjacent pier 2B in a longitude of 480 m, finished off by a containment mote perpendicular to the pier.

This action is added to the others performed by OHL in the Port of Barcelona such as the construction of a new breakwater on the south end or the work to remodel the OneOcean Port Vell.

Over 100 years of experience in ports

OHL has over 100 years of experience in port infrastructures. From the first awards obtained in 1912 by the parent company, Obrascón: the Alcantara Dock and the West Pier of the Puerto de Santos, both in the Port of Lisbon (Portugal).

Presently the company is executing the expansion of the Port of Bilbao; the construction of a new docking line parallel to the Nelson Mandela dock, located in the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; and the expansion and remodeling of the Nº6 maritime terminal in Palma de Mallorca, among others.

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Image of the adjacent pier.

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