OHL joins the Health and Sustainability Action Group coordinated by Forética

June 26, 2019

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OHL has joined the Health and Sustainability Action Group coordinated in Spain by Forética. Specifically, it is incorporated as an observer member of this leadership platform whose objective is to promote health and welfare as a fundamental pillar of sustainability and corporate social responsibility aligned with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) of the United Nations, in particular with SDO 3 (Health and Welfare) and its connection with other objectives.

The presentation ceremony was attended by the Technical Advisor of the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety of the Ministry of Labor, María Jesús Sagüés, and by representatives of 20 other large companies from the large consumer, pharmaceutical, insurance and social and health sectors, among others.

The Group starts its activity to transfer the main trends and conversations on the world level in health matters, and from the perspective of business sustainability, to the Spanish context. In its first year it will promote the creation of the Observatory on Health and Sustainability – as a reference space for monitoring compliance with SDO 3 in Spain from the contribution of the private sector – as well as the strengthening of alliances with health and social policy institutions, among other objectives.

OHL has been a member of Forética since 2015. This leading corporate social responsibility association of companies and professionals in Spain and Latin America aims to promote the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects into the strategy and management of companies and organizations.

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Family photo of the presentation of the Health and Sustainability Group.

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