OHL obtains a new road contract in Chile for 72.8 million euro

September 3, 2019

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OHL has achieved a new contract in Chile in the field of road infrastructure, with a price tag of 72.8 million euro. The contract is for the construction of the project Third Lanes of Route 78, consisting of the extension of 35 km of track, in the stretch between the municipalities of Santiago and Talagante. The initiative, granted by Vías Chile, of the Abertis Group, owner among others of the Concessionaire Autopista del Sol, joins other projects carried out by OHL in the country, where it has been presence since 1981.

OHL has developed projects in civil works and singular and hospital buildings in Chile. In the field of road infrastructures, Route 60 stands out as one of the most important highways in the country with more than 120 km, of which the Panquehue Variation was recently completed, and the construction of the Santiago-Los Vilos section of Route 5. Another project in the country is the current construction of the Américo-Vespucio urban highway (AVO 1).

In addition, OHL is responsible for the extension of Metro Line 3 in Santiago de Chile and the extension of Tranque Talabre, tailing dam located in the Chilean city of Calama, in the Antofagasta region, at the request of Codelco, the world’s largest copper producer.

Among the building projects currently performed by OHL in Chile, the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile and the Criminal Laboratory of the Investigation Police of Chile (PDI) stand out, the latter, replacing the building that was damaged by the earthquake that struck the country in 2010.

In the field of hospital infrastructure, OHL carried out the construction of Curicó Hospital, in the Maule Region, with a surface area of 109,152 m2 and 400 beds and that replaces the hospital center destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. OHL is also responsible for the construction, in Viña del Mar, Valparaíso region, of the Gustavo Fricke Hospital to replace the center of the same name that was inaugurated in 1954. Its built surface area totals 92,297 m2 and it will have more than 550 beds.

19.09.03-OHL-logra -un -nuevo -contrato -viario -en -Chile

View of the future third lanes.

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