OHL obtains the top classification in the CDP Climate Change 2016 for the second year in a row

October 25, 2016

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The OHL Group has obtained the top “A” (formerly 100A) classification, with leader status in the CDP Climate Change 2016, thanks to which it has renewed its presence on the Climate A List, a list made up by only 9% of the companies with the highest scores in the world.

In accordance with CDP assessment criteria, the companies attaining leader status have demonstrated in their response an in-depth knowledge of the risks and opportunities associated with climate change, as well as the definition and application of strategies for its management. With this result, OHL is positioned as a company of reference for its commitment to a low carbon economy.

The Group has been collaborating since 2009, voluntarily and publically, in the CDP initiative, placing itself on an outstanding level within the ranking of participants. The Group belongs to the Climate Change program through the CDP Iberia 125 Climate Change sample, which analyses the strategies of the 125 major listed companies in Spain and Portugal (2015 fiscal year), assessing disclosure, awareness, management and leadership in climate change on a scale increasing from F to A.

Moreover, the OHL Group has also participate in the CDP Supply Chain program since 2011; the CDP Water program (concerned with the scarcity of water) since 2012; and CDP Forests (in relation to deforestation) since 2015.

Manuel Villén, Innovation & Sustainability manager of the OHL Group, was entrusted with receiving the distinction granted to the company for its presence on the A List, presented by the Director General of the Spanish Climate Change Office in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Valvanera Ulardi, at a meeting held on the 25th of October at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, which served as the setting for making public the CDP Climate Change Report 2016, Iberia 125 Edition. In addition, three working groups were organized during the event in which company representatives participated: Carbon Pricing, moderated by ECODES; Science Based Targets, moderated by CDP Worldwide Europe, and Exploring Opportunities to Build New Business Models in the Post COP21 Setting, moderated by PwC.

CDP is a non-profit organization and an international reference, with 827 institutional investors representing 100 trillion dollars in assets. It provides the largest corporate environmental information base in the world on climate change and the protection of natural resources.

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In the photo, Manuel Villén (second from the left), after receiving the award.

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