OHL participates in the European meeting Ambassadors of Innovation organized by ENCORD

November 4, 2013

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The OHL Group has sent its Innovation and Sustainability division to Eindhoven (Netherlands) to participate in the Ambassadors of Innovation forum organized by the Ambassadors for Innovation network as set up by Philips and the European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development (ENCORD).

The forum spanned Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands and brought together over 20 companies from have had a consolidated track record in the construction sector and resolved pursuits in the field of innovation. The OHL Group was represented by Teresa Sánchez Segura, head of the R&D+i section, who shared the successful case of the Cubipod with the other attendees as a clear-cut example of best practices in the real application of technological innovation.

OHL is a member of ENCORD together with 18 other leading European companies in the construction sector. The OHL Group is also a member of other European R&D+i platforms, namely ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform); SHIFT2RAIL, a technological initiative for promoting railroad research and innovation; reFINE (Research for Future Infrastructure Networks in Europe), committed to driving R&D in transport infrastructures; and Ir2b (International Road Research Board), global collaboration platform for roadway infrastructure research and innovation.

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