OHL receives the 2017 Stela Award for its commitment to the labor market integration of people with intellectual disabilities

April 28, 2017

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The OHL Group, through OHL Servicios, its division specialized in facilities management, has been granted the 2017 Stela Award by the Madrid Down Syndrome Foundation (Down Madrid) for the third year in a row, in recognition of its commitment to the labor market integration of people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Through this award, OHL Servicios-Ingesan, the head subsidiary of the Services division, has seen its work in furthering the integration into society and the working work of people from this group acknowledged. 

Cristina Encinas Díaz-Cordovés, HR manager of Servicios-Ingesan, and Raúl Sánchez Sánchez, a colleague from OHL Servicios-Ingesan, beneficiary of the  Stela Project, accepted the award on behalf of OHL. OHL has collaborated in this initiative since 2006 with the aim of facilitating and promoting social and labor market integration by applying the Employment-with-Support methodology, which works to achieve access to regular employment for people with disabilities on an equal footing with the rest of workers.

The ceremony, held on the 26th April at the Ramón Areces Foundation in Madrid, was attended by Belén Prado Sanjurjo, Deputy Head of the Department of Social and Family Policies of the Community of Madrid, Miguel Ángel García, Deputy Head of the Department of Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid, and Inés Álvarez Arancedo, President of the Board of Down Madrid.

17.04.28 OHL Servicios Recibe El Premio Stela

From left to right, Mario Alexander Lema Valiña, maintenance manager of OHL Servicios-Ingesan; Manuel García Cabero, HR coordinator of the central region delegation; Raúl Sánchez Sánchez, maintenance assistant and Cristina Encinas Diaz-Cordovés, HR manager of OHL Servicios-Ingesan.

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