OHL reconstructs the façade of the National Theater in Prague, one of the Czech Republic’s most symbolic heritage buildings

September 1, 2016

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The OHL Group, in the scope of its activities in the landmark building sector, has performed the reconstruction of the façade of the National Theater in Prague, one of the most symbolic heritage buildings in the Czech Republic from an historical, cultural and architectural point of view. The project, awarded by the Ministry of Culture at the price of 5 million euros, includes the restoration of sculptures and other elements of architectural decoration.

The project has consisted of artistic craftsmanship and restoration tasks encompassing the repair of the façade of the  historical building and of its visual, ornamental and artistic elements. OHL has carried out a number of restoration tasks for the purpose of recovering the theater’s original appearance, on the basis of the documentation preserved, highlights of which include the renovation of the cornice under the drum, called the Fantyš Corner; the repair of the ornate coffered ceiling in the main entrance and of the door and window frames, columns, pilasters, balustrades, among others. The building, which opened its doors for the first time in 1881, did not interrupt its activities during the performance of the work.

In the context of landmark building, OHL’s experience stands out in the rehabilitation and renovation of several historical buildings, in which it has incorporated the highest technology rendering it compatible with the preservation of the social and cultural context in which they are set. Examples of this are the Royal Theatre, the Casa Real de la Panadería, the Plaza Mayor and the Centro Canalejas in Madrid; the Gran Teatre del Liceu, in Barcelona and the Hotel Alfonso XIII, in Seville. Outstanding international examples include the Corbin Building, in New York (USA), registered in the country’s National Register of Historic Places; the National Museum in Prague, the Czech Radio building, the Brno Theater and the Radost Theater, all in the Czech Republic; and the work being performed in the Old War Office, the former War Ministry in London (United Kingdom).

16.09.01 OHL Reconstruye La Fachada Del Teatro Nacional De Praga (1)

Photo of the National Theater in Prague, Czech Republic. 

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