OHL Servicios-Ingesan is awarded new contracts in Chile for an amount close to 13 million euro

December 21, 2018

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OHL Servicios-Ingesan has achieved three new contracts in Chile, for a value close to 13 million euro. The first, intended for the maintenance of green areas in various sectors in the municipality of Chillán, capital of the Ñuble region, has been granted for an amount close to 9 million euro and a duration of 72 months. This contract includes the conservation of an area of 580,000 m2 of green areas.

The second contract is also aimed at the maintenance of green areas, for an amount close to 3 million euro and a period of 48 months. This one will be developed in the municipality of San Javier, in the Maule region, and the actions to will be carried out will include the maintenance of green areas of more than 203,000 m2.

In the framework of real estate maintenance services, the company has been awarded a contract that will be developed in the health centers of Estoril, Chicureo and Peñalolén, assigned to the Clinic Los Condes, located in the municipality of the same name, in Santiago, Chile. The project includes the preventive and corrective maintenance of the electrical systems of the building during a period of 36 months and for an amount close to 800,000 euro.

OHL Servicios-Ingesan develops different projects in Chile, among which are the cleaning services in the CRS Hospital Peñalolén and the dependencies of the Municipality of Colina; maintenance and cleaning of the parking lot of the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, cleaning of the SBIF Dependency, and the cleaning service for the Forum Building managed by the real estate services company CBRE, all of them in Santiago, Chile.

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