OHL Servicios-Ingesan promotes initiatives to improve the quality of life of the elderly

May 19, 2017

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OHL Servicios-Ingesan, the head subsidiary of OHL Servicios specializing in facilities management, has implemented various initiatives to improve the quality of life of the residents at the Fort Pienc day center in Barcelona, which it manages with Asproseat in a joint venture (UTE).

One of these involves animal therapy, a therapeutic treatment where animals are an integral part of the process. This therapy offers many benefits for the elderly, as it strengthens their communication and personal relationship skills, improves their self-esteem and lowers anxiety and depression.

The second initiative launched by OHL Servicios-Ingesan is the “A better life at home” workshop, addressed at relatives of the elderly, in order to provide them with advice on their role as home caregivers. Through a house visit, any problems, doubts, difficulties and hindrances are detected and mitigated, which may arise in the daily life of relatives taking care of the elderly who attend the Fort Pienc day center.

OHL Servicios is the Group’s division specializing in personal and infrastructure services. Through its head subsidiary, OHL Servicios-Ingesan, it offers solutions for the management of services and activities related to individualized and collective personal assistance, in order to improve the quality of life and integration of society’s most vulnerable groups: the elderly, children and persons at a risk of social exclusion. Its activities include the management of residences and supervised living facilities, services to care for the dependent and socio-healthcare management.  

17.05.19 OHL Servicios -Ingesan Impulsa Iniciativas

Picture taken during one of the animal therapy sessions at the Fort Pienc residence and day center in Barcelona, managed by OHL Servicios-Ingesan.

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