OHL to build a new berthing line in the Port of Las Palmas worth 12 million euros

March 17, 2017

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OHL has been awarded the construction of a new berthing line parallel to the Nelson Mandela dock, located in the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), one of Spain’s busiest commercial ports. The project, worth nearly 12 million euros, has been awarded by the Las Palmas Port Authority. The purpose of this project is to use the area generated for establishing a bulk terminal for handling traffic flows from South America with a final destination in Africa.

The contract includes the construction of 307.5 m of wharf on the Africa dock of the Port of Las Palmas and the formation of adjacent esplanades. The pier will be made up by nine reinforced concrete caissons anchored on a rubble breakwater, plus an additional caisson at its starting point where a ro-ro ramp will be located.  The draft of the pier will be 10 meters in an initial 68.4-meter section, and 14 meters along the remaining 239.1, for which purpose the preliminary dredging of the rock forming the natural seabed will be necessary. Similarly, a rubble embankment will be built for the protection of the new esplanades generated with the construction of this pier. Overall, a total land surface of more than 11 hectares will be generated and developed.

This project is additional to others performed previously by OHL in this same port, such as the construction of the Africa dock, specifically in the third phase of the seawall, in 2013, and the outer seawall, en 2015. The Cubipod, an R&D&I development for the construction of the main armor of mound breakwaters, was used for the first time in the Canary Islands precisely on this outer seawall. The manufacture of this development delivered, among other advantages, considerable energy savings and the reduction of GHG emissions and of the environmental impact.

17 03 17 OHL Construirá Una Nueva Línea De Atraque

Image of what the Africa dock in the Port of Las Palmas will look like.

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