OHL will double in size over the next five years

March 2, 2015

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The OHL Group has presented its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, that outlines the company’s commitment to doubling its turnover figure until reaching 8,000 million euros and increasing its EBITDA to 2,000 million euros.

The Strategic Plan is based on OHL’s capacity and strength as an integrated group consisting of five divisions with high synergies and collaboration opportunities; broad experience in the execution of complex projects in all sectors; and successful international growth, with a highly diversified and value-added portfolio.

OHL estimates that by 2020 its eight priority markets (home markets) will represent 85 % of total revenues. This strategy will reinforce the its presence in the Americas (Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile), while continuing to grow in Europe’s traditional markets (Spain and Eastern Europe).

OHL Concesiones expects to consolidate its current position in Mexico and Chile, to register short-term growth in Colombia and Peru and to expand into the United States and Canada, concentrating on developing transportation infrastructure.

OHL Construcción expects to reach 11 % compound annual growth (CAG), up to 5,300 million euros in 2020. This performance will be boosted by increased activity in the United States and Canada (x2) and member states of the Pacific Alliance (x5), where it hopes to concentrate 65 % of its business turnover by 2020. In addition, OHL will continue to enhance its extraordinary technical capacity, carrying out highly complex, large-scale projects in infrastructure sectors related to civil engineering and unique construction.

OHL Industrial will continue to encourage the comprehensive development of turnkey (EPC) projects, focusing its activity on the electricity, mining, and Oil&Gas sectors. This division is expected to reach a turnover figure of 1,000 million euros in 2020.

OHL Servicios will begin its international growth by using the synergies existing with the other Group divisions in its American home markets. OHL Servicios is expected to reach a turnover figure of 500 million euros in 2020.

As a result of OHL’s new strategy, these last two divisions will increase their relative weight until reaching 20 % of the Group’s turnover figure in 2020.

OHL Desarrollos is currently executing three large projects: Mayakoba, a luxury tourist complex in Riviera Maya (Mexico); Centro Canalejas Madrid, an urban revitalization project in Madrid’s historic center; and the restoration and renovation of the emblematic War Office in London, United Kingdom. This division will continue examining unique and top-quality projects, focusing on opportunities with small investment needs.

The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan aims to keep a maximum ratio of recourse leveraging (recourse net debt / recourse EBITDA) under 3x, thereby combining the growth in all OHL lines of business with the generation of sustainable treasury cash and financial caution.

In addition, the OHL Group will continue its strategic commitment to R&D&I and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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