The company has also updated its certificate under the new version of the UNE 166002 standard, one year before the deadline established by the Spanish Accreditation Entity to do it.

OHLA among the pioneer companies in certifying its innovation management system under the new European Standard ISO 56002

June 22, 2022

OHLA has adapted its innovation management system to its latest organizational changes and to the requirements of the ISO 56002 international standard, published in 2021. This adaptation has been recognized with this new certificate, which demonstrates its capacity to innovate systematically, through the development and application of novel solutions focused on efficiency, process improvement and new products and services that generate value for all its stakeholders.

Currently, there are six companies in the OHLA Group with a certified innovation management system: Ingesan, Elsan, SATO, G&O, the parent company itself and its Industrial business line.

The scope of the adaptation carried out has also allowed the OHLA Group to renew its certificate under the UNE 166002 standard in accordance with its latest version, one year before the deadline established for it by ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Entity).

The update of its innovation management system, which facilitated the achievement of these awards, is aligned with the company’s strategy and contemplates new agile and open innovation methodologies that were already being used in the company.