OHLA to modernize Brno North thermal power plant in the Czech Republic for nearly 100 million euros

April 19, 2023

Infographics of the Brno North thermal power plant in Brno, the Czech Republic.

OHLA is participating in one of the largest renewable energy projects announced this year in the Czech Republic. The scope of the contract, awarded by the state-owned company Teplárny Brno for about EUR 100 million, consists of the modernization of a part of the Brno-North thermal power plant for combined heat and power production from renewable energy sources.

The facility will operate with a new wood chip-fired steam boiler. This new heat source, with a maximum fuel input of 50 MW, will ensure the constant production of reliable and environmentally friendly heat for Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, and increase energy production, decreasing its dependence on natural gas.

Most of the construction and assembly work will take place in the area where the existing plant is located and includes dismantling and new construction.

The new plant will provide significant environmental benefits by using wood chips, a 100% renewable resource from forest cleaning and wood industry waste, to produce the biomass.

This contract is in addition to other projects that OHLA has been developing in the country, where it has been present for 20 years. These include among others the electrification project for the railway section between the towns of Strelice and Zastávka, valued at 120 million euros. It is also making progress on the reconstruction of the Vsetín railroad station, the double line of the Adamov-Blansko section, and the extension of the Brno Great Urban Ring Road, for a total amount of more than 300 million euros.