OHL’s CEO José Antonio Fernández Gallar is among the members of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development

February 10, 2021

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A total of 25 presidents and CEOs of large Spanish companies, including José Antonio Fernández Gallar, have formed the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development, an initiative promoted by Forética, a benchmark organization in sustainability of which OHL has been a member since 2015. The Council, presided over honorarily by H.M. King Felipe VI, held its first meeting today, inaugurated by Teresa Ribera, who is the fourth Vice-President and Minister for the Environmental Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Within the framework of the constitution of this Council, whose objective is to be a benchmark for business leadership in sustainability in Spain and whose first lines of action are focused on tackling the climate emergency, good corporate governance and social inequality, José Antonio Fernández Gallar made a speech in which he detailed OHL’s commitment to a sustainable business model aligned with the guidelines that were presented today.

In the words of OHL’s CEO, “sustainability has become a priority for the Company”, reflected “in a firm commitment to a sustainable growth model from an economic, social and environmental point of view”. This model extends “to all those communities in which the company is present, trying to contribute to increasing their well-being, dynamism and progress”, said José Antonio Fernández Gallar, who also highlighted OHL’s commitment to environmental protection, the practice of social responsibility and ethics, with the aim of being “the mirror in which our teams look at themselves”, a commitment that takes on greater prominence in the global situation caused by the health crisis resulting from Covid-19.

OHL, partner of Forética since 2015

OHL has been a promoting partner of Forética since 2015 and has participated, since then, in different activities promoted by this organization, in Spain and Latin America, which pursue the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects in the strategy and management of companies and organizations. An example of this is its participation in the Climate Change Cluster; in the Transparency, Good Governance and Integrity Cluster, and in the Social Impact Cluster. It is also part of the Health and Sustainability Action Group, with the aim of making health a fundamental pillar for sustainability.

OHL is also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, and participates and develops initiatives aimed at combating climate change, incorporating methodologies that favor energy efficiency, the circular economy and a commitment to innovation.

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