Operation Lezo: OHL underlines the nonexistence of irregular or illicit conducts

April 30, 2017

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In view of the news reports published over the last few days in relation to the so-called “Operation Lezo”, Obrascón Huarte Lain, S.A. (OHL) wishes to provide the following information:

1.- OHL, no sooner had it learned of the events that have given rise to the aforementioned Operation, set in motion a process of analysis, through its Internal Audit and Compliance Departments, for the verification of the following points:

a)      Whether a transfer has been made by the OHL Group –through any of its companies and from any geographical location  whatsoever- that could coincide with the  transfer of 1.4 million euros referred to in a number of news reports, allegedly made into an account in Switzerland held by a company called “Lauryn Group Inc”.

b)      Whether any indication or suspicion of irregularity exists in the procedure for the tendering and award of the concession agreement for the railway that was planned for connecting Móstoles Central and Navalcarnero.

2.- Likewise, an examination has been undertaken with respect to the commercial or business relations that could possibly exist between the OHL Group –through any of its companies– with the company called “Lauryn Group Inc” or with Mr. Adrián de la Joya, with a view to determining the nature, purpose and scope thereof.

The preliminary conclusions of this internal process of analysis show the nonexistence of irregular or illicit conducts by the company.

In any case, the final conclusions, which will be available soon, will be submitted -together with the relevant support documentation- to the Court examining the proceedings, to the appropriate effects and purposes.

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