Other Relevant Information. On business and financial situation. Debt reduction

February 4, 2022

OBRASCÓN HUARTE LAÍN, S.A. (OHLA or the Company), in compliance with the provisions of article 227 of the Spanish Securities Market Law (Real Decreto Legislativo 4/2015, de 23 de octubre, que aprueba el texto refundido de la Ley del Mercado de Valores), hereby informs the Spanish Securities Market Regulator (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores CNMV) of the following


In connection with the notice of inside information published on 28 December 2021, (with registration number 1,239) the Company announces that, in application of the terms agreed with its financial creditors in the framework of the process of recapitalisation and renegotiation of its debt (the Restructuring), it is going to apply the funds received by its subsidiary Cercanías Móstoles de Navalcarnero, S.A. (CEMONASA), derived from the payment to the latter by the Community of Madrid of the investments made in the major works of the agreement regarding the design, construction and operation of the public works for the new railway line between Móstoles Central and Navalcarnero to reduce its financial indebtedness.

In this regard, and in application of the terms agreed in the Restructuring:

(i) the Company has fully repaid the outstanding principal amount of €54,501,998.31 of the ICO-guaranteed loan it had signed with its reference banks; and

(ii) the Company’s subsidiary OHL Operaciones, S.A.U., has launched a partial tender offer for a maximum principal amount of €43,203,583.89 (the Maximum Tender Amount, which is equivalent to €43,066,660 of nominal amount) plus accrued and unpaid interest (including accrued PIK interest) addressed to the holders of its secured notes denominated “EUR 487,266,804 Split Coupon Senior Secured Notes” listed on the unregulated market of the Vienna Stock Exchange (“Vienna MTF”), with ISIN code XS2356570239 / XS2356571120 (the Notes), for their subsequent redemption (the Tender Offer).

The terms and conditions of the Tender Offer of the Notes are contained in the launch announcement of the Tender Offer (the Offer Announcement) prepared by the Company and available to Noteholders, which may be obtained from the agent of the Tender Offer (the Tender Agent), Lucid Issuer Services Limited.

Noteholders may offer their Notes for sale from today, 4 February 2022, until 09:00 hours (CET) on 7 March 2022. The Company will announce the results of the Tender Offer on 8 March 2022 but may change the dates in accordance with the provisions of the Offer Announcement.

If the tender offers received are accepted, the Company will pay to the Noteholders a cash price equal to 100 per cent of the principal amount of the Notes plus the amount of accrued and unpaid interest up to (but excluding) the settlement date of the Tender Offer. Settlement of the Tender Offer is expected to take place on 9 March 2022, although this date may be changed in accordance with the provisions of the Offer Announcement (the Settlement Date).

If the Maximum Tender Amount is not fully used up as a result of the Tender Offer, the remaining amount will be redeemed directly on a pro rata basis among all Noteholders on the Settlement Date.

Madrid, 4 February 2022