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Health and Women

The “Health and Women” campaign is carried out annually to promote gynecological health of OHL women employees. This is an uncommon practice among companies, which adds value to women’s health management. In 2019, OHL offered to all women employees who


Awareness in Equality matters

OHLA is actively committed to diversity and equal opportunities. This is why one of the objectives of the Equality Plan in Spain is training and information in the matter for employees. In order to achieve its objective, over 2018 and


Protection of springs in Peru ByPass

2323In the projects we carry out in Peru, the planning of activities is a primary tool to establish controls in each of the project stages. Specifically, this has allowed us to ensure the minimum impact on water resources in the


Perote photovoltaic solar plant

23The Perote II photovoltaic solar plant has an occupation area of 300 ha. The nominal power of the installation is 100 MWn with an installed generation power of 118,902 MWp. It has a solar field of 312,939 photovoltaic panels of


Cuídate OHLA

In 2019, the healthy program TAKE CARE (CUÍDATE OHL) was launched in collaboration with Quirón Prevención, is develop in Spain and it´s complemented with OHL Health Channel, a community for the dissemination of health initiatives and programs in the corporative


Reasons to believe

OHLA ha puesto en marcha Reasons to Believe, un ciclo de charlas inspiracionales dirigidas a los empleados/as de OHLA. El objetivo que se persigue es crear un entorno laboral motivador y comprometido, a través de vivencias y experiencias humanas que