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Moving towards a sustainable society
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We seek to minimize the impact of well-being in the fight against climate change and move towards a low-carbon economy, efficient management of water resources, the promotion of the circular economy and the protection of biodiversity. 

Climate change

Circular economy

Water management

Protection of biodiversity

As part of our commitment in energy matters and to fight against climate change, we have signed the Manifesto of Spanish Enterprises for Opportunities in an Energy Transition and Fight against Climate Change.

This commitment includes the quantification and verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, for which we have a carbon print protocol following standard ISO 14064. Furthermore, we are committed to reducing emissions and draw up annual GHG emissions compensation plans, promoting energy efficiency projects and reforestation in our home markets.

Transparency when disseminating our performance in climate change matters is one of our main priorities.

CO2 emission compensation projects

reforestation actions. spain.
wind farm. jepirachi, colombia.

Low-carbon economy

Our continuous commitment to a low-carbon economy includes activities to decrease the carbon generated in the company’s operations, as well as investment in sustainability projects to compensate such emissions. Furthermore, it is in line with initiatives promoted by international organizations, which ensure that carbon consumption is reduced in business activity, to include a registration of the carbon print at the Spanish Office for Climate Change, thanks to which it has obtained the “Calculo” seal awarded by this authority, validating carbon print calculations according to the methodology and principles established by the Ministry for an Ecological Transition. This body has also promoted the Agreement for a Circular Economy, to which the company is party.

Success Stories

Lund-Arlöv Use and reuse of materials. Lund-Arlöv

01In the Lund-Arlöv project (Malmö), Sweden, we have been pioneers in the transfer and reuse of material from one construction site to another, the reuse of about 20 km of rails, in sections of 180 m in length each, and […]

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Protection of springs in Peru ByPass

2323In the projects we carry out in Peru, the planning of activities is a primary tool to establish controls in each of the project stages. Specifically, this has allowed us to ensure the minimum impact on water resources in the […]

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Perote photovoltaic solar plant

23The Perote II photovoltaic solar plant has an occupation area of 300 ha. The nominal power of the installation is 100 MWn with an installed generation power of 118,902 MWp. It has a solar field of 312,939 photovoltaic panels of […]

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Power change of the boiler of the ELSAN asphalt plant

23Our subsidiary ELSAN, specialized in the conservation and maintenance of road, airport, urban services, and infrastructure services, has replaced the existing thermal oil boiler burner at its Arganda del Rey plant, in Madrid (Spain), with a new natural gas burner, […]

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