20 MW Picture Rocks Photovoltaic Plant

EEEUU / Arizona
  • 20MW installed power
  • 57,000MWh of electricity produced/year
  • 300 jobs

This photovoltaic plant in Tucson (U.S.A.) has 20 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity and uses horizontal-axis follow-up technology.

The installation has crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules of varying power (280 watts (W) and 295 W), installed single-axis trackers connected to a 20 MW sub-station through 16 inverter transformer stations of 1.25 MW each.

Benefits for the community

  • Clean energy source
  • Electricity supplied to 3,500 homes
  • Approximately 300 jobs created during its construction
  • No water used to generate electricity
  • Low environmental impact
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