72nd and 63rd Street Subway Stations. Second Avenue Subway Line

USA / New York
  • 13.6km along Manhattan´s East SIde
  • 200,000 passengers a day

In December 2016, the company successfully completed work on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) 72nd Street and 63rd Street stations, an integral part of New York’s new Second Avenue Subway line, which expands services on Q & F lines.

The first phase of  the Second Avenue Line extends the Q  train service by 8.5 miles along Manhattan’s East Side  and  connects the  63rd  Street and  Broadway Lines  and  the  new  stations at  72nd Street, 86th Street and  96th Street. This project marks  the  first major expansion of  the  New  York  City  Subway in more  than  60 years.

The new stations, at 96th, 86t, 72nd and 63rd streets, have been praised by riders for their high ceilings, open feel, cleanliness, modern features, and custom art which decorates the ceramic-tiles throughout the stations. The 72nd Street features Vik Muniz’s “Perfect Strangers,” a series of mosaics that focus on the diverse group of New Yorkers who live and work near the station. Three dozen life sized portraits are scattered throughout the platform and mezzanine levels. Art installation was done by MTA’s Arts for Transit program.

72nd Street Station construction

The 72nd Street Station, the busiest station on the new Second Avenue line, was the larger of the two projects. OHL Group was awarded the contract in February 2013. The station includes seven elevators, eleven escalators (seven are ADA accessible), three entrances, a full platform for two tracks, and two station ancillary areas. The project was organized through a very intricate schedule with a scope of work ranging from civil construction to mechanical equipment installation.

63rd Street Station rehabilitation

Unlike the 72nd street station, the 63rd street station included the rehabilitation of the existing F line station that was originally built in the 1970s but never completed and abandoned for more than 40 years. The scope of work was similar to that of 72nd street and involved significant underground and surface level construction. The company added five new elevators, including two street-level ADA accessible elevators, two escalators, a control area, new ancillaries, and open vent structures that connect to the street surface. The ventilation systems and climate controls help the station stay approximately 10 degrees cooler during the summer months.

Benefits to the society

On January 1st, 2017 New York City Transit (NYCT) inaugurated service for the public, with ridership expected to reach more than 200,000 daily, on the first phase of the line. After a century of efforts the subway finally reached Second Avenue, improving the commutes and lives for hundreds of thousands. In addition, the new stations along Second Avenue are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant to allow easy subway access for those with disabilities.

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