A-8 Cantabrian Highway. Lindín-Careira Section

Spain / Galicia
  • 10.4km Length
  • 5 Viaducts
  • 7 Underpasses
  • 2 Links: Lindín and Careira

With a length of 10.4 km, the section runs through rough terrain, which has required the construction of five viaducts. Along its route, the A-8 reaches its highest point in Galicia, 698 m above sea level, at the top of O Fiouco, where it has been necessary to install an important system of beacons to guide traffic in low visibility conditions. This section and the Mondoñedo-Lindín section were the last two in the construction phase of the Cantabrian Highway, in Galicia.

Scope of the project

  • 5 area viaducts
  • 4 are overpasses
  • 7 are underpasses (1 frame, 5 gantries and 1 with double deck)
  • 5 walls (3 of reinforced soil and 2 of reinforced concrete)
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