Búrdalo dam

Spain / Cáceres
  • 768,000 Crowning length
  • 31.00 Meters of height of the dam above the riverbed
  • 1,011 Ha of reservoir surface
  • 60 Km Of coastline

The dam on the Búrdalo river is located in the municipality of Escurial, in Cáceres (Spain). This infrastructure, of a straight-line gravity type, will improve the guarantees of the supply and irrigation system in the central area of ​​Extremadura and of the management of the Orellana Canal in its final section.


For the transport of concrete, a new system has been used, Lift-Up, which consists of the implantation of an overframe that allows the coupling of the boxes to any truck.

This makes it possible, once the work is finished, to load the system in a container and send it to any part of the world.

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