Burgos University Hospital

España / Burgos
  • 199,000 m2 of usable area
  • 667 beds
  • 24 operating room

Cleaning and sanitation of facilities

The activity is carried out in accordance with the standards and requirements in cleaning and environmental hygiene, set by the Health Management of the Castilla y León Autonomous Community, and which apply to all hospital facilities.

The cleaning and sanitation of the facilities is carried out according to the level of risk of infection for the patient and the type of activity performed. It is classified in several zones:

  • Critical or high-risk zone: hemodialysis, operating rooms, emergencies, sterilization center, ICU, CCU, transplant unit and neonatal unit
  • Semi-critical or medium risk zone: maternity, laboratories, kitchens, rehabilitation, outpatient consultations, hospitalization, etc.
  • Non-critical or low-risk zone: administration, warehouses, machine rooms and exteriors

Vector control

The objective is to keep the areas of the different facilities and equipment below the tolerance threshold by means of a deratization, disinsection, disinfection, bird control, stray animal control and xylophagous control program. There will be programmed corrective and emergency interventions, as well as shock treatments.

Waste management

Advanced management of sanitary waste, according to its production, segregation of waste to minimize risks, transport, processing and disposal. To achieve this, segregation containers are used, collection points are identified, and in-hospital handling and transport, avoiding contamination of the environment and achieving final storage in the center, according to applicable legislation.

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