Dock and outer esplanade of the dike next to Isla Verde

España / Algeciras
  • 3,484,601 m3 of dredging in dock foundation trenches and for filling
  • 405,894 m3 of breakwaters weighing up to 6 T in dock foundations and closure protections
  • 143,092 m3 in concrete for caissons (33 units) and superstructure

The project, developed in the Bay of Alcegiras Port on the request of the infrastructure’s port authority, involves forming an esplanade outside the current seal wall, over 50 ha, with filling material. It is bound from the north by a gravity wall, 696 m long (and at a depth of 18.40 m) made up of 13 armed concrete caissons. It is also joined to the existing dike with a submerged concrete closure, to the south, using a 960 m long breakwater containment wall. This also connects to another gravity wall 1,018 m long (between 18.50 and 20.50 m deep) made up of 20 armed concrete caissons.

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