EPC Ski Contract

  • 3.5 km of railway section with 13.6 km tracks
  • 1 railway station with 3 platforms in Ski city center
  • 100,000 beneficiary passengers
  • 50% < travel time

Awarded by the Norwegian National Rail Administration, the Ski contract is part of the Follo Line, Norway’s largest transport project, which includes a 20-kilometer tunnel, the longest tunnel to date in the Nordic countries.

OHLA has carried out a new route from the south exit of the Follo Line tunnels to the south of the city of Ski. In total, 3.5 km of track with 13.6 km of ballasted track and 40 turnouts. In addition, the project includes the construction of the Ski station, with six tracks, three central platforms with their corresponding roofs and an underpass.

OHLA has also been responsible for the realization of a road bridge over the new tracks, a new bus terminal, bicycle parking facilities and the extension of the existing parking lot, as well as new roads with sidewalks and technical buildings.

Benefits to the community

Nearly 100,000 passengers will benefit from this infrastructure that includes a series of actions with a high sustainable value and that have a positive impact on the connections with Oslo, on the accessibility of the users and on the protection of the environment.

The new infrastructure is designed to reach speeds of up to 250 km/hour, which will reduce travel time by 50%, from 22 to 11 minutes. It will also facilitate the transport of goods, which will result in the economic and commercial development of the region, and will favor the connection with the continent through a possible high-speed railroad.

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