GR-43 Highway. Section Pinos Puente-Atarfe

Spain / Granada
  • 11.7 km of highway
  • 4 interchanges
  • 3 underpasses
  • 6 overpasses
  • 5 viaducts

The construction project for the Pinos Puente-Atarfe section (junction with the A-44) of the GR-43 highway, in the province of Granada, was carried out at the request of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. The project focus on the construction of 11.7 kilometers of highway, with a route that runs through the western sector of the city of Granada, through the municipalities of Pinos Puente, Atarfe, Fuente Vaqueros, Santa Fe and Granada.

Likewise, the works included the construction of the Pinos Puente junction (through the current N-432 road), the junction with the GR-NO-14 (current GR-3406 highway), the junction with the A-92 highway (which allows the connection between the A-92 and the future GR-43) and the junction with the A-44 highway A-44 outer bypass. The project also contemplates the rearrangement of all the accesses, so that connections to the trunk of the new section are made only at the junctions.

In total, the work comprises 14 structures, including three underpasses under the GR-43, six overpasses, five precast girder viaducts and the enlargement of an underpass under the A-92.

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