Health and Women

Spain / Madrid

The “Health and Women” campaign is carried out annually to promote gynecological health of OHL women employees. This is an uncommon practice among companies, which adds value to women’s health management.

In 2019, OHL offered to all women employees who work in Madrid (Spain), -238 beneficiaries-, the program, and 129 participated in the free gynecological exams, which include examination, cytology, gynecological ultrasound, breast ultrasound, mammography and bone densitometry, according to the specific age group.

Regarding the campaign results, highlight that 24% of cytologies, 32% of gynaecological ultrasounds and 11% of mammograms showed some pathology. These exams favour an appropriate prevention, allowing early detection of cancers or other diseases, increasing the healing possibilities and improving the quality of life of these women employees. In addition, the pathologies detected are monitored through OHL Medical Service.