Innovation in machinery and auxiliary equipment

Trolley for placement of shuttering slabs developed by the company and granted an international patent. Application in GR-43 Expressway in Granada. Spain.

We are constantly innovating in machinery and auxiliary equipment to optimize the construction processes around the world. The following projects provide just a few examples of this:

  • Integrated rail welding train fabricated for the execution of the Makkah-Madinah High Speed Line (Saudi Arabia).
  • Uniform coarse aggregate spreader designed for the dust mitigation project in Lake Owens in California (USA).
  • Lift-up truck box system developed in the Búrdalo Dam project (Cáceres, Spain).
  • Computer-controlled drilling system, developed and used by the company team in the Czech Republic.

In Mining and Cement, the company developed an integrated crushing, transport, acid curing and copper-oxide stacking system in Chile, a project in which the ore extraction process was  improved significantly.

Some of these innovations have even resulted in patents, such as:

  • Trolley for the placement of shuttering slabs developed in the GR-43 expressway project in Granada (Spain).
  • Semi-automatic brusher for metal pipes, designed for the works for Oil Pipeline 2013 (Spain).
  • Machine for pre-cracking of soil-cement bases, designed for the works on the A-66 of the Autovía de la Plata in Cáceres (Spain).