NGL Fractionating Plant. Pisco

Peru / Pisco
  • 3,358,000 Hours of construction with zero accidents
  • 1,600 Jobs
  • 71,000 Hours of detailed engineering

Extension of the processing and storage units of the liquefied natural gas (NGL) fractioning plant. The project includes a second expansion of installations, a third unit for the fractioning of liquefied natural gas and another topping unit.

Increased production of 35,00 barrels per day (BPD) until reaching 120,000 BDP.

Main units

  • LPG unit of 35,000 BPD
  • Topping unit of 18,000 BPD
  • Feed surge storage sphere unit of 25,000 BPD
  • Diesel storage unit of 80,000 BPD
  • Condensation storage tank unit of 13,000 BPD
  • Two pressurized propane pressurized bullets of 10,000 BPD
  • Two turbogenerator (aero-derivative turbine) units of 5 megawatts (MW) each

Benefit for the community

  • Increased production capacity for the national sale of gas that is essential for Peru’s social, economic and industrial development, such as propane and butane
  • More than 3,000 job posts directly and indirectly created, of which 1,200 are covered by unqualified local labor
  • Support and investment to local bodies
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