Reasons to believe

OHLA has launched “Reasons to Believe”, a cycle of inspirational talks aimed at OHLA employees.

The objective pursued is to create a motivating and committed work environment, through life and human experiences that invite reflection and personal growth, in accordance with the six concepts of OHLA’s “Reason to Believe”: Sustainability, Adaptability, Talent, Innovation, Trajectory and Globality.

This cycle of inspiring talks, starring relevant figures from different areas of society, is aimed at company employees.

Talk 1. “Reasons to Believe”: Adaptability, with David Casinos

The first meeting of “Reasons to believe” was starred by the athlete David Casinos world record holder and Paralympic champion, who shared with the public invited and the people who were able to connect via streaming, his story of overcoming and one of his great qualities: adaptability. This first meeting was developed with the collaboration of the Randstad Foundation.

Talk 2. Reasons to Believe: Talent, with Nacho Dean

Nacho Dean, the first person in history to walk around the world and swim across five continents, starred in the second Reasons to Believe meeting. The naturalist and adventurer from Malaga shared with us the experience and lessons learned in his great expeditions. 

Talk 3. Reasons to Believe: Trajectory, with Pilar Mañas

We fly high in the company of Commander Pilar Mañas, the first woman to assume command of an Air Force unit. In 2018 she was named an Exemplary Woman by the Women’s Institute. She also collaborates with the Inspiring Girls Spain Foundation, dedicated to increasing the self-esteem and professional ambition of girls.

Talk 4. Reasons to Believe: Sustainability, with Suzy Azafrani and Felipe Ossio

Suzy Azafrani, procurement specialist with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and Felipe Ossio, civil construction engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and PhD in Sustainable Construction from the Université Catholique de Louvain, spoke about sustainability and how companies and individuals should be part of the change and seek the best way to do things while taking care of the planet.