South Seal Walls. Sections I and II – Port of Barcelona

España / Barcelona
  • 3,174,852 T of breakwaters from 0.175 to 7 T
  • 293,627 m3 concrete in caissons and superstructures
  • 129,461 m3 of concrete in blocks between 8, 15, 25, 30 and 60 T

Finished in 2007, this project, granted by the Barcelona Port Authority, involves construction of the following:

  • Mound breakwater, 2,001 m long, formed by a graded aggregate core, protected with breakwater armor and 15 to 60 T blocks depending on the section
  • Vertical breakwater, 1,699 m long, parallel to the coast, made up of 47 caissons
  • 300 m caisson plant protective dock with 30 T blocks on breakwaters
  • Collection area for provisional anchoring of caissons, along a length of 950 m
  • Enclosure, 1,920 m long, parallel to the coast, down to -5m with 4 breakwaters. It is characterized by a graded aggregate core and protective breakwaters

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