The Royal Academy of Engineering announces the 2nd edition of the Young Researchers Awards. Agustin de Betancourt y Molina and Juan Lopez de Penalver research awards

March 10, 2011

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For researchers who are less than 36 years old on 1January, 2011, and have carried out their work in the fields of engineering or architecture, practical applications of science or history or social issues related to the above, at least in part, in Spain.

Award money: € 18,000 Deadline: 30 April, 2011

Bases and more information from: REAL ACADEMIA DE INGENIERIA Calle Don Pedro, 10 28005 Madrid Phone: 91 528 20 01 Fax: 91 364 55 48

Convocatoria Premios Jóvenes Investigadores

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