Villar Mir totally denies having paid any commission to Ignacio González

February 22, 2016

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Juan-Miguel Villar Mir, Chairman of the Villar Mir Group and of the OHL Group, has totally refuted the information broadcast by the digital portal El Español, managed by Pedro J. Ramírez, suggesting that in Switzerland he paid a 1.5 million euro commission to Ignacio González, former president of the Regional Government of Madrid. 

The note published in this portal -the content of which has not been contrasted by its authors at any time- adds that this information was notified to the senior management of Partido Popular (PP) more than 8 years ago by Álvaro Lapuerta, former Treasury Manager of the political party. 

At the same time as totally denying this, Juan-Miguel Villar Mir has also reiterated that he has never had any money in Switzerland or has ever paid any commission to Ignacio González, in Switzerland or elsewhere; nor has he or any of his investee companies had any relationship with the bank and companies cited by El Español in its note. 

Juan-Miguel Villar Mir has repeated, once again, that he has never bribed anyone or financed any political party; due to the seriousness of the information broadcast and not contrasted by El Español, he has instructed his lawyers to bring the necessary action in court, unless the publication immediately issues a public rectification.

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