Volunteer day “At the rhythm of inclusion” brings together more than 40 people

December 20, 2018

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OHL and OHL Servicios-Ingesan Volunteers in collaboration with Adecco Foundation have promoted the day “At the rhythm of inclusion”, held on December 18th in Abanto-Zierbana, Vizcaya (Spain). More than 40 people among users of the Down Syndrome Foundation of the Basque Country, Adecco Foundation and OHL employees participated in this volunteering aimed at strengthening the social and communication skills of people with intellectual disabilities and the elderly.

Music acted as the backbone of this inclusive day during which they enjoyed, among other activities, percussion workshops and creation and decoration of simple instruments. Through these activities, the beneficiaries were able to exercise emotion management, empathy and teamwork as well as working on their personal autonomy, skills and knowledge, among other aspects.

OHL Volunteers has launched, since its creation in 2007, more than 150 initiatives in which more than 6,500 employees have participated and benefited more than 20,000 people. OHL Servicios-Ingesan, meanwhile, has taken on the firm commitment to promote social welfare through labor insertion and has participated for a decade in several programs aimed at facilitating access to employment for vulnerable groups.     

18.12.20 ESP La Jornada De Voluntariado Al Ritmo De La Inclusion

Participants in the activity “At the rhythm of inclusion”.

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