Juan-Miguel Villar Mir introduces Jean Charest, Premier of Québec, at the New Economy Forum

17 de octubre de 2010

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As part of the traditional collaboration maintained by OHL, Juan-Miguel Villar Mir, Chairman of OHL, participated in the breakfast organized by the New Economy Forum to introduce Jean Charest, Premier of Québec. The event was attended by numerous prominent politicians and business leaders.

In his speech, Juan-Miguel Villar Mir described their prominent guest by informing the attendees that Jean Charest is “a political personality of maximum dimension and committed to his country” and recalled that he “made history on being appointed Minister of Youth, becoming the youngest member to hold such an important political office in Canada.”

Québec, the OHL Group Chairman declared, is especially noteworthy, among other things, for its infrastructure plan, which has a budget of C$41.8 billion for the 2008-2013 period. In this regard, Mr. Villar Mir said that OHL is currently present in Canada through the construction and operation under concession of Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montréal (CHUM), one of the largest hospitals in the world.

<p”>Specifically, the project consists of five buildings: the main building, which includes 772 single rooms, operating rooms, emergency facilities, sterilization center, radiology, radiotherapy and other functions, the outpatient building, which includes outpatient clinics and the power station, the offices, logistical support, which also includes the central pharmacy and laboratories, and an auditorium, surrounded by a public space and with underground parking.

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