OHL Concesiones is awarded a new urban road in the city of Lima

29 de enero de 2016

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The Metropolitan Council of Lima has unanimously approved, at yesterday’s meeting, on Thursday 28 January, to award the private initiative launched by OHL Concesiones referred to as Conexión La Molina-Angamos, used to integrate the main service and business areas of Peru’s capital city.

The new concession involves an urban road 12 km long, connecting La Molina, Surco, San Borja, Surquillo and Miraflores, which will significantly reduce travelling times. The new infrastructure will be almost entirely at different levels, combining tunnels and ditches, both semi covered and open. The design foreseen will significantly improve the city in terms of urban surroundings, guaranteeing road safety in a highly populated area with heavy traffic.

The investment contemplated totals 500 million USD and the most outstanding characteristics of the works will include:

  • A two-surface road with two lanes in each direction along the entire length, with no overpasses;
  • An excavated tunnel 1.5 km long, able to bypass Cerro Centinela; and false tunnels under the Raúl Ferrero, Primavera and Angamos Avenues;
  • Branch roads joining the main road network, such as Vía Expresa and Pan-American Highway, amongst others.

OHL Concesiones Perú is a subsidiary of the OHL Group, a large international concessions and construction group, which is currently operating and constructing a section along the Pan-American Highway North (Red Vial No. 4 Toll Road), 356 km long, which joins the towns of Pativilca and Trujillo. Furthermore, it has presented a second self-sustainable private initiative, the Pan-American Highway South road concession, Ica-Quilca Section. The Pan-American Highway is Peru’s most important road axis, covering various regions and linking the country’s main cities and production centers.

16.01.29 OHLC Nueva Autopista Lima (1)

Virtual picture of the La Molina – Av. de Angamos Project in Lima, Peru.

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