Collaboration agreement with UN Habitat and the town of Solidaridad to develop the first Large Metropolitan Park in Ciudad Mayakoba

December 22, 2015

OHL Desarrollos has signed a collaboration agreement with the town of Solidaridad (Quintana Roo) and the UN regional office in Mexico -through UN Habitat, United Nations Human Settlements Programme-, to develop the first Large Metropolitan Park in Ciudad Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, as a commitment to the renovation of inclusive, modern and sustainable public space. The event was attended by María Dolores Franco, Manager of UN Habitat, Mauricio Góngora, Municipal President of Solidaridad, Agustín Sarasola, Manager of OHL Desarrollos, and Alfonso Hernández, Head of the Ciudad Mayakoba project.

The Large Metropolitan Park, covering 10 Hectares, is endowed with modern and environmentally sustainable infrastructure, aimed at the integration of local communities. It will also have play areas for children, water parks, facilities for cultural activities, and sports areas, amongst others.

To promote this project, the OHL Group division has received support from OHL Desarrollos-Mayakoba Volunteers, which began its path in December 2013. Since then, it has launched initiatives to improve the quality of life and education of local communities.

Ciudad Mayakoba

OHL Desarrollos is promoting the Mayakoba complex in Riviera Maya, a luxury tourist complex that coexists with the support to local communities and environmental protection. Stage two of the project, Ciudad Mayakoba, measuring 400 ha, is at a beginning stage.

Ciudad Mayakoba is the first population center planned in Quintana Roo, a residential project aimed at providing a response to the huge demographic growth registered in Playa del Carmen. Characterized by various types of housing, the project also contemplates different services: shopping centers, public areas and facilities, amongst others.

Ciudad Mayakoba covers three large projects. The first one is Parques de Mayakoba. It is the largest project in the entire complex and will cover more than 220 hectares (ha) and 13,600 homes. It includes construction of the Large Metropolitan Park, shopping, leisure and service facilities and a civic-educational center. Next is Mayakoba Village, with a surface area of slightly more than 13 ha and 730 homes, which will offer a shopping center and office premises. A navigable channel will run through it, conceived for pedestrian use. The third is the Mayakoba Country Club, over a 18-hole golf course. It will include a social club, sports facilities and exclusive access to the Mayakoba Beach Club. It will have more than 2,800 homes distributed over a surface area of more than 165 ha.

15 11 23 Parque Ciudad Mayakoba

From left to right: María Dolores Franco, Mauricio Góngora, Agustín Sarasola and Alfonso Hernández.