Social progress

We contribute to the social and economic progress of the communities in which we operate

Our team

It is people who are the force behind our company. For this reason, OHLA encourages diversity and inclusion, pursues recruitment, attracts talent and looks for tools to foster professional development, as key elements in growing our company.

We are concerned for well-being and health at work. That is why, in conjunction with the Prevention Service, we have launched initiatives to boost employee well-being:

OHLA Sports Club

Launched with the aim of strengthening ties between our staff and the company, it boosts the physical health of all those who take part in the different sports and activities offered. The club is an opportunity for people to switch off from their work and personal life, through a variety of options:


Launched globally to promote participation in running.


Launched in Spain, it offers the chance to take part in friendly football matches.

Paddle tennis

Launched in Spain, it offers the chance to take part in friendly paddle tennis matches.
OHLA responsible consumer groups

We encourage every team member in Spain to practise responsible and conscious consumer habits. In collaboration with Huerta de Leo, an organic, local produce cooperative, we offer the possibility of buying fresh, sustainable fruits and vegetables.

Reasons to Believe

A series of talks based on the OHLA pillars: adaptability, talent, globality, innovation, track record and sustainability. Led by different leading figures in sport, healthcare and culture, their purpose is to stimulate motivation, problem solving and engagement through hearing about unique human experiences that prompt reflection and personal growth.

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Shared progress

At OHLA, we believe in the transformative power of people, groups and communities, and we are committed to playing a part in progress through awareness, collaboration and responsible action wherever we work.

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OHLA Challenge

At OHLA, we want to do our bit to making the world a better place for people, which is why we launched the OHLA Challenge initiative, which is a series of challenges, initiatives and actions created by and for every individual who forms part of the OHLA community. This gives a new energy to our corporate volunteering and participation activities. We have also created new initiatives to help, contribute and make a positive impact on people and our surroundings.

The OHLA Challenge philosophy is that what each of us does in and outside work is important and makes an impact, and that together we are helping to make a better, fairer society.

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Some of our current initiatives:


We celebrate the Inclusion Olympics as a way to bring disability closer to OHLA employees and their families through sport. The event, which includes activities such as wheelchair basketball, adapted curling or football adapted for people who are blind, is an inclusive space where we embrace different realities, learning empathy and teamwork.

Celebrating OHLA Challenge

The OHLA Challenge Christmas edition includes charitable initiatives and actions such as:

  • OHLA Christmas postcard design competition for children of our employees
  • Charity Christmas market
  • Food and toy drive
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Do you want to be part of the change? Do you want to be an OHLA Challenger?

Being a volunteer with OHLA is a mark of identity. It means making a positive impact while representing the company’s key values and its commitment to society, in order to help improve our environment and people’s quality of life wherever we are present.

If you have been thinking about getting involved but haven’t found the right time or opportunity, let us help.

Register by emailing to receive all possible activities. You will also be able to share experiences, suggest content and make suggestions.

Become a volunteer and help to create a more sustainable, charitable future for all.

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