We are OHLA

A global infrastructure group with more than 110 years of experience
  • Experts in construction and concession management
  • A benchmark in civil engineering, singular, hospital and industrial building, and services.
  • Activity focused in three geographical areas: USA, Europe and Latin America
  • Ranked as international contractor (#44)*. In the USA, we rank in the Top 20 contractors by sector (Transportation) (#13) and the  Top 50 Domestic Heavy Contractors (#17)*
  • California’s 2021 Contractor of he Year and New York’s 2019 Contractor of the Year*
  • Integrated into the PWF ranking, World’s Largest Transportation Developers index**

*Ranking Engineering News Record (ENR)
**Public Works Financing (PWF) 2023

Our purpose

We contribute to progress with infrastructures that have a positive impact on society.

Our values:

  • We are innovative. We have a high technical capacity to develop cutting-edge solutions
  • We are resilient. We promote safe and durable infrastructures
  • We are sustainable. We are committed to the development of projects that care for the planet
  • We are responsible. We promote social and economic progress in the communities where we operate
  • We are talented. More than 10,000 employees at the service of people and infrastructures
  • We are progress enablers. We facilitate progress by carrying out iconic works that improve the life of millions of people

Our business model is based on transparency, ethics and good governance.

Our history

Brief History of Obrascón

1911. On May 15, the Sociedad General Obrascón de Obras y Construcciones, S.A. was founded in Bilbao.

1912. Their first work was two docks in the Port of Lisbon. Between 1953 and 1973, it was owned by Banco Bilbao and then ownership passed to Altos Hornos de Vizcaya.

1987. Juan-Miguel Villar Mir, along with José Luis García Villalba and other professionals in the sector acquired the company from its owner.

From 1991. The company has been publicly traded.

Brief History of Huarte

1927. Founded in Pamplona by the Huarte and Malumbres families. Directed by Félix Huarte, it achieved a privileged place in the sector ranking.

1996. Obrascón entered as an industrial partner.

1998. In January the merger became effective. This marked the sixth construction group in the country.

Brief History of Lain

1963. Construcciones Lain was incorporated as a subsidiary of the UK’s John Laing Construction.

1988. A group of professionals acquired 90% of the company changing its name to Construcciones Lain.

1991. It began to be traded publicly.

1999. In May it joined Obrascón Huarte, forming OHL.

We begin a new phase

2021. OHLA is born, a global infrastructure manager with a legacy of more than 110 years.

OHLA in the world

Focused on three geographic areas.


California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Texas and Virginia.

Latin America

Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Perú, Panamá and Aruba.

North America



Spain, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and  Sweden.


Saudi Arabia.