Ethics and integrity

Our main objective is to ensure compliance with the law and with ethical and responsible business practices in all our fields of operation, and with any parties involved in our activity. Consequently, compliance with the Code of Ethics and the protection of human rights are two cornerstones of our commitment to ethics and integrity.

Code of Ethics

The aim of the Code of Ethics is to:

  • Apply models and suggestions on professional, ethical and responsible conduct, which should guide all members of the company when carrying out their activity.
  • Prevent the commission of criminal or illegal conduct by the persons bound by this Code, in their professional performance.
  • Establish the necessary follow-up and control devices to guarantee its compliance.

In addition to these objectives, we also apply the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Third Party Due Diligence model and the company’s various policies and internal regulations.

Crime Prevention Policy

In line with what is established in company’s Code of Ethics, this policy gathers the main points of our Crime Prevention Policy, which evidences an organizational and management model with surveillance and control measures to prevent and detect, if necessary, the occurrence of criminal offences within the company. It is characterized by:

  • Being in line with company’s organizational structure.
  • Entailing an analysis of any criminal risks existing in the company’s various activities.
  • Implementing the necessary protocols, procedures, measures and checks for prevention, detection and remediation.

Ethical Channel

We have an Ethical Channel in place where our employees and other stakeholders may consult our professional practice, or may report a potential breach or infringement of human rights or of the Code of Ethics. Confidentiality and the absence of retaliation are both guaranteed, for anyone using this communications channel in good faith.

Anti-Corruption Policy

We have an Anti-Corruption Policy in place whereby we undertake to carry out our activity with the utmost integrity. We apply zero tolerance to any form of corruption and fulfill all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations. Furthermore, we follow the recommendations issued by international organizations such as the OECD and the United Nations.