Will you help us transform the world?

With your talent, enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism we are unstoppable and capable of transforming the world and multiplying the opportunities for progress and growth of people through the development of planet-friendly infrastructures.

Thank you for being our best ambassadors, thank you for being.

In OHLA the people are our main value

Talent, work, passion, compromise, professionality are the fundamental pillars for the attainment of projects that promote the growth and well-being of society. Our team is made up of nearly 25,000 people located in different parts of the world and diverse cultures, with a common objective and values, which make possible projects as important as hospitals, buildings and roads that connect us every day.

What will you find here?










We're talent. We think in all our capabilities

Talent is one of our values that defines us the most as a company. We firmly believe in talent and different capabilities of each of our employees and we’d like to potentiate it.

Our Performing model helps us to:

  • Identify and potentiate our employees’ talents
  • Offer them improvement opportunities and new challenges

We’re working in the design of career paths and career plans adapted to the necessities of each job and business.


Join our team!

When you decide to join OHLA, you decide to be a key part of the future of
infrastructures in the world. You join an organization with more than 110 years of history that promotes an innovative culture to anticipate what is yet to come.

We have a team of nearly 25,000 people around the world and we are convinced that, if they grow, we will also grow as a company. That is why we promote the development of their professional career and invest in their talent and well-being. We are in full transformation, and we want you to be part of the change by designing and building together the infrastructures of the future. Now is the time!

Do you want to join our team?


We offer you retribution and competitive social benefits

In OHLA you’ll find a competitive compensation policy, trying to ensure in every moment:

Be equitable in the determination of retributions and more salary conditions based on objective criteria

Have a specific remuneration positioning relative to the remuneration market

Attract, retain, and engage the workers who make up the different companies in the group

What other benefits can I get?
  • OHLA has a variable compensation system based on performance-based management program (economic, company, and individual management goals)
  • In addition to monetary remuneration, OHLA’s compensation system contemplates the incorporation of other remuneration in the form of social benefits or remuneration in kind that are adapted according to the market practices of each of the geographies in which the company operates
  • Work-life balance policies
  • Temporary and spatial flexibility measures
  • Digital disconnection plans


We grow together. We drive your training

The personal and professional growth of employees is an indispensable element for the overall growth of the group.

What do we offer for your training development? 

OHLA Group School, our online training platform where we offer continuous training to our employees

Annual training plan structured by categories, developed according to the needs of all areas

Specific training actions not covered by the training plan, which may be requested whenever circumstances require

Mandatory training, i.e., all those courses that must be carried out periodically and that frame subjects such as ethics code and anti-corruption policy, due diligence of third parties or occupational health and safety

Specific technical training: we work on a new international platform that will allow employees to access training developed by active professionals and leaders in the construction, engineering, and energy sector, as well as knowledge that will help them adapt to new market trends


An opportunity to grow. Join the workforce with us

Through the Young Talent and Young Community programs, we offer the opportunity to new generations who want to start their professional careers in the construction world.

Young Talent Program

We know that students and recent graduates are the driving force of tomorrow, and that’s why we believe in the importance of giving them a start in the job market.

We have specific initiatives for young people, such as the Young Talent Program.

Young community

What can the young community offer you?

  • Connection with OHLA’s junior talent globally
  • Contact with senior positions that can bring value and future vision to your professional journey
  • Safe and confidential community, making them feel part of the company
  • Talks where reference people share their experiences over the years as OHLA employees


We are diverse and inclusive. We drive social progress and multiculturalism

Promoting diversity in our workplace is a fundamental element that we assume to end inequality. We are actively committed to equal opportunities that materialize in different equality plans and specific action plans.

In Spain, in 2021 we carried out the third equality plan, aligned with the United Nations global pact and in force until 2024.

We have an equality commission, responsible for ensuring that there is no direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of sex and promoting accessibility in corporate use facilities and tools to promote the integration of all groups.

We collaborate with the Inspiring Girls Foundation, whose objective is to raise awareness among school-aged girls in favor of a future educational and professional development in which equality of opportunities prevails without distinction of sex. Through this collaboration agreement, OHLA group employees participate in volunteer work in schools by sharing their professional experience, inspiring them and transmitting values such as effort and persistence for their future professional and personal lives.


Your safety, health, and well-being are first

We believe in integrating safety and health into the entire production process as the only way to provide effective protection to workers and always based on the premise that every accident is preventable.

We work with the goal of zero accidents

We have designed and implemented an integrated safety and occupational health, quality, and environmental management system

Our commitment to the health and well-being of our workers is a priority and one of the basic principles of our value proposition

Through the OHLA People Healthy Company Program, we promote physical activity and the care of nutrition and mental health of our employees.

We take care of people and are committed to their integral well-being.

At OHLA, we grow together.


People inspire us
Reasons to Believe

The Reasons to Believe Program consists of a cycle of inspirational talks that we offer to our employees. We have had the participation of people whose story, professional career, projects or way of living have brought us closer to our main values: Adaptability, talent, globality, innovation, trajectory and sustainability.

Think Tank

The Think Tank project was born with the idea of listening to the employee. Once a month we meet with a small group of employees from different areas and departments to have a comfortable space to share, where to share specific needs, resolve doubts and a place to feel part of OHLA as a unique and indispensable member.