Unique real estate projects that create high-quality international destinations

Development began in 2001 with the objective of driving distinctive real estate projects in the tourism-hotel area, characterised by their singularity and their high quality standards.

Thanks to its know-how and to its recognition in the sector, it has been positioned as the leader in the execution of hotel actions –pure or combined with other uses– for the highest range of the tourism segment, acquiring a notable reputation on both the national and international levels.

Description of the model

We are one of the principal national and international players in the definition and implementation of premium and luxury real estate projects in the hotel segment and the designer of a business model that drives the creation of new quality tourist destinations.

Through its developments, at the vanguard in design, innovation and sustainability, it contributes value to singular sites, converting its projects into engines of the economic upswing of the areas in which they are situated and raising the tourist offer of these locations.

In order to achieve this objective, we take on all the project phases, from the primary and secondary development, co-investment, design, technical solution, execution, marketing, commercialisation and exploitation, to its disinvestment, always considering the following parameters in the strategy:

  • Singular location with potential for improvement
  • Product design, according to the high-quality segment
  • Infrastructures, accesses and supplies according to the product
  • Repositioning of location and brand
  • Differentiation as the key to success
  • Sustainability accredited by certifications and other recognitions
  • Achievement of effective marketing and subsequent client follow-up

Methodology and objectives

Our business model is focussed on the definition, execution and start-up of prestigious real estate products in areas of tourist interest, whether for their historical or environmental value, and always within a framework of the highest quality.

For the achievement of this aim, we follow a methodology associated with all phases of the life cycle of the projects, from their initial stage to their disinvestment.

The knowledge and experience acquired throughout these years in very technically sophisticated and complex projects at all levels has placed us in the elite of developers specialised in high-end tourism-real estate actions, in which design, engineering and sustainability play an essential role.